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In Their Words: Some of our clients share their stories of how Youniversoul Body Based Personal Life Coaching and No Pain Deep Tissue Bodywork gave them long-lasting pain relief. (Identifications have been changed to protect client confidentiality.)

Life Coaching Body Therapy Youniversoul
Adele does extraordinary work at the boundary where the physical and emotional meet. I experience her as being truly present and very much attuned not only to my experience, but also to her own, which she uses in an open, respectful way to support the process. Adele’s profoundly empathic, gentle work has also catalyzed my personal therapy.

VR, Pleasant Hill, CA

Berkeley Brentwood Walnut creek
You were absolutely right about my body at our last meeting. Your "reading" of where my body was "speaking" has been right on. Thanks for the energetic healing and the focused conversation we had beforehand.

QE, Pleasant Hill, CA

Pleasant Hill Pittsburg/Antioch Danville
I've had three different (all amazing) experiences working with Adele. The first two were one-time sessions for pain that wasn't resolving with traditional interventions. Both times, I discovered emotional components that were connected to the pain, and both times, the pain resolved. More recently, Adele and I have been working on a chronic problem related to repetitive motion and overuse of the computer. The work with my body is mirroring the work I'm doing in therapy - letting go of old patterns of self-neglect and creating space and permission for greater self-care and nurturing. The work is profound - especially as an adjunct to therapy. Adele really gets what it means to be gentle on every level, and this creates a safe place to do deep work. She is highly intuitive and respectful, generous and boundaried, spiritual and grounded, wise and unassuming.

WW, Pleasant Hill, CA

Berkeley Brentwood Walnut creek
Highly recommend Adele -- found her wonderfully generous with her time, attentive, caring, knowledgeable...

GS, Berkeley, CA

Oakland Discovery Bay Orinda
I recently had Adele help me with terrible neck pain that would not resolve with medication, chiropractic, or traditional massage. Adele worked with my body's signals very gently guiding me through a subtle series of movements. She encouraged me to talk to her through the whole process, so it was a very collaborative experience. Within about 1/2 an hour, I felt a huge release in my neck and about 48 hours later, the pain was completely gone and has not returned.

JL, Pleasant Hill, CA

Emeryville Oakley Blackhawk
When I first began working with Adele, I'd been unable to work for 2 years due to severe chronic pain. My main way of hearing my body's messages was through pain. Our work together helped me to understand and heal my body's experience of past trauma (multiple surgeries and childhood abuse). Adele gifted me with a more attuned relationship with my body: I can now receive valuable information from my body without it manifesting as physical pain. My improved ability to be deeply present with my body and to discern and hold clearer energetic boundaries allowed me to return to work over a year and a half ago without the chronic pain reoccurring. I have rediscovered my excitement for my work.  I feel comfortable and at home within my body. Adele is a highly skilled and wise healer who has helped me for the first time to know what it feels like to be comfortably embodied.

NY, Oakland, CA

Montclair Piedmont Rockridge
After having hip pain for several months, even after many chiropractic visits, two sessions with Adele, cured me. The pain has not returned. It's been at least two years.

MC, Martinez, CA

Martinez Concord Dublin/Pleasanton
I sought Adele's services to help me understand and heal long-standing health problems in my body. Adele worked with me through a combination of somatic awareness counseling and energetic/vibrational massage. During the verbal counseling session, Adele's talent in asking the right questions helped to guide me to amazing epiphanies about the underlying root of my health issues. As I named root beliefs, I felt actual shifts occurring in my body. Adele then performed energetic massage to assist me in physically integrating my new awareness, and the result was a profound feeling of my cells "lighting up" inside. I left the session feeling energized and light, and the insights I received from the session helped me to make meaningful changes in how I see myself. I have since held a follow up session with Adele to continue integrating the renewed energy in my body. I believe that Adele is naturally gifted in her ability to facilitate and guide healing in others, and I highly recommend Adele and her business, to anyone seeking health and healing in their life.

MC, Walnut Creek, CA

Alamo Alameda Rossmoor
As a holistic psychotherapist trainee working on my own somatic issues, I was able to enter into my personal story through my body first rather than entering my body memories through talking my story first. It was a really different way of working that has become valuable for my own growth and my ability to work somatically with clients.

WK, Oakland, CA

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These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition, and are not intended to replace a previously prescribed or recommended allopathic, homeopathic, naturopathic, mental health, or other treatment plan.

If you are currently under another practitioner's care, it is always a good idea to take care of and honor yourself by consulting with her/him before making any changes to your treatment plan.

Thank you.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please phone or email me at the contact information below. I look forward to meeting you.

Adele Cox, MA, CMT
Somatic Personal Life Coaching &
Depth-Oriented Transformational Bodywork
Youniversoul Health & Wellness
2305 Ashby Ave (@Telegraph), Berkeley 94705

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